Lotion hair-x is a cream with a multiplier effect by reducing the growth of unwanted hair in the body

2 Hair-x consists of herbal extracts of three natural plants:

1. Saw palmetto extracts of the active substance and Serenoaserrulata
2. extract papers EpilobiumAngustifolium (Includes antioxidants in addition to Brolin and sterols)
3. extract seeds Pumpkin (contains high concentrations of sterols and Tanins

The mechanism: the ability of these herbal extracts each separately or in combination, and a passive object does multiplier effect by working on male hormones, or what is called testosterone and is also present in women in very small quantities
When you increase these hormones in the hair follicles will lead to the growth of thick hair and an unnatural and may not notice it, but when you visit a specialist doctor

Testosterone converts to another hormone firmer and influential and is a de Hydro Testosteron leading to the emergence of undesirable traits and including acne and that the effect of the enzyme is very important to complete this process and is a 5-alpha Reductase The active substances present in these extracts inhibit the enzyme 5-alpha – reductase leading to the conversion of testosterone to prevent de Hydro Tustosteron and they also have the multiplier effect through the inhibition of testosterone receptors by as much as 20-40%

Through previous mechanisms, these existing extracts in preparation HAIR – X capable slowed down hair growth and prevent treatment period up to 6 months until the end of treatment

How to use:
1. The removal and haircuts in the area to be treated
2. Wash the area to be treated with water, then is applied HAIR-X is appropriate quantity and massage lotion on the area until the full absorption
3. Please do not apply any lotion on another area that has been applied HAIR-X it for 3- 4 hours after application and to obtain the maximum benefit
4. uses daily, morning and evening. And the emergence of a new hair removal and are applied HAIR-X again
5. you’ll notice that the period of hair growth and has become a relatively longer hair has become weaker and less thickness
6. Treatment is for a period of approximately 6 months