beta-sitosterol 0.25%

bees wax


ميبونFeatures of Beta-sitosterol material in Mibone  that it is working on several mechanisms as follows:
1. provide appropriate humid environment for the process of wound healing (provide an ideal breeding ground for the movement of cells to migrate toward the fissile part of the body to complete the healing cellular process)
2. possesses anti-inflammatory properties thus lead to reduce skin irritation and get rid of skin edema
3. Although the humid environment provided by Mibone process of wound healing and burns, it has the advantage that the environment is suitable for the growth or live bacteria and germs
4. prevents the loss of fluid from the damaged tissue as it absorbs latent heat resulting from burns
5. The composition of analgesic effect as a result of isolation and protect nerve endings exposed and infected
6. peeling and removing damaged tissue and Lacerations as he accelerates the process of epithelial tissue building with his province to give the appearance cosmetically good and acceptable when patients through the multiplier effect that contributes to its effectiveness both panthenol and Beta-sitosterol and additional natural beeswax quantity

indications :

First degree burns
Second-degree burns surface and deep
Chronic wounds include bed sore and
foot sore resulting from diabetes and Leg ulcers

Wounds resulting from surgical operations, including the wounds resulting from childbirth